• elaph

    Mobile newspaper application for leading Arab newspaper

  • Livescribe Inc.

    Created the award winning Mac Desktop and iOS client software for the Pulse Smartpen

  • Apple Inc.

    Responsible for Mac OS X Cocoa performance in Leopard and Snow Leopard

    Objective-XML used in Spotlight and HTML indexing

  • BBC News Interactive

    Simplified sport feeds processing system to be reliable and perform 100-1000 times better.

  • bergdesign

    EGOS licensed both for EPS display and object-based analysis.

  • WebAppz

    Compression and other enhancements to the PDFKit, a Java PDF generation toolkit.

  • binuscan

    Porting assistance getting PhotoRetouch Pro to Mac OS X.


    TextLightning for Linux used in digital asset management system to feed text to Oracle's full text search engine.

  • Skyrix

    A WPDL/XML-based workflow engine.

  • Gruner + Jahr, Berliner Verlag

    PressObjects-based tools streamline critical production processes.

  • OneVision

    TrueType to Type 1 font converter for DigiScript (now Solvero/Assura).

  • tomandandy

    Mac OS X / Squeak integration assistance for advanced music software.

  • International ISBN Agency

    High volume typesetting system for the Publisher's International Directory.

  • DaimlerChrysler

    Used car search system BIGOnline.

  • Nordkurier

    PressObjects-based services.

  • Infopark AG

    Web Content Management System NPS (later Fiona)

  • GS-Corporation

    eXTRAPRINT, eXTRASCAN, eXTRAPDF, color management, OPI-server.

  • Quest International

    PRISM RIP for Canon Color Laser Copiers on OpenStep.

  • Revco

    Sophisticated text- and layout-extracting printer drivers allowed a large Mission Critical Custom App to be deployed.

  • Cyantic

    Preview generator for EPS files.

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